KYC Documents

We are required by law to ensure that we take measures to prevent our Services being used for money laundering, terrorist financing and all other forms of financial crime. Money laundering occurs every time any transaction takes place or any relationship is formed that involves any form of property or asset that has come from any crime.

In the context of anti-money laundering, KYC (Know your Client) is the collection and use of information by us to verify identity of individual and business customers.

Documents for Individuals

Documents for Individuals

As part of the registration process, you are required to provide proof of your full name, date of birth, and residential address. We can accept the documents listed below:

Proof of ID documents

  1. Full and valid UK passport,
  2. Current UK entry/residence visas
  3. Full and valid Foreign Passport
  4. Photocard national identity card,
  5. Valid photocard UK driving licence (full or provisional),
  6. Valid full Foreign photocard driving licence
  7. Benefit entitlement letter,
  8. National Union of Students (NUS) card,
  9. Disabled Parking Document

We will accept foreign documents which cover the jurisdictions were Swifin holds a regulatory permit which is currently Uganda and Cameroon.


Proof of current UK address documents

  1. Valid full UK paper driving licence,
  2. Current bank statements or credit/debit card statements issued by a regulated financial sector firm in the UK,
  3. Current bank statements in any of the jurisdictions were Swifin holds a regulatory permit,
  4. Utility bills (but not ones printed off the internet)
  5. Current UK mortgage statement,
  6. Current council tax demand letter, or statement,
  7. Recent evidence of entitlement to a state or local authority funded benefit (including housing benefit and council tax benefit, tax credit, pension, educational or other grant).

Any statements should be less than 3 months old except for water bills, which must relate to the current charging period.

Documents for Businesses

Documents for Businesses

Registration, Directors and Control information.

  1. Full Name,
  2. Registered Number
  3. Registered office in country of incorporation,
  4. Business address
  5. Names of all directors (or equivalent)
  6. Names of individual(s) who own or control over 25% of its shares or voting rights
  7. Names of any individual(s) who otherwise exercise control over the management of the company.

Proof of ID

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Notification and appointment of Directors
  3. Full and valid UK passports,
  4. Full and valid Foreign Passport
  5. Current UK entry/residence visas

Foreign documents accepted are only in respect of any foreign Directors or beneficial owners. 

Other Documents including detailed business plans Customer profiles and business sector exposure and payment flows will be required as part of the Business risk profiling and onboarding process.